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The church in Busuafise Part II

Yesterday, The Daily Jot introduced you to Christ Fellowship Church in the rural bush village of Busuafise in Ghana, West Africa. This is the story of a group of people in a small village who came together and started a church amidst paganism, witchcraft and Islam. All these have come against the folks who are part of Christ Fellowship. They are an outpost for the light of Christ, not only because of their physical location in the bush and the enemies of Christ who surround them, but also because the larger churches in Ghana are afraid to go there or even send money to help. This has been a story of perseverance in the face of constant danger for witchcraft is no small thing, and Islam is even worse. 

The Daily Jot and William Agbeti’s Redeemer Ministries have partnered to assist the people in Busuafise with the church building. Key word is “assist.” A portion of our funding is going toward materials for the church building, in addition to our normal food, clothing, water, and water filtration outreach. The additional funding and labor is provided by church members and volunteers from our ministries. William explains, “We have entered into the third week of construction works on the building. At the end of the fourth week, we will halt all works to raise more funds for our operations. In an age where huge building projects can be completed in weeks or months, the small village church we are working on has taken almost two decades, and is still not anywhere near completion.

“The hope of the village in getting the project completed, however, has not dwindled. It remains steadfast, rooted in the Lord. The inhabitants are simply hanging in there. Meanwhile, the seemingly drawn out construction of the small church project, which some may lament over, has become the very reason more and more villages are opening to Christ.” William says that over the past 18 years, this small frontier church is responsible for “hundreds and perhaps thousands of souls won for Christ in the Busuafise district and its environs, far and near. The Christ Fellowship Church, Busuafise, has proven beyond all doubts, that the Great and Almighty hand of God is at work in their midst, using the weakness, resilience and hope of a rejected people to bring salvation to many in unbelievable ways! What an awesome God we serve!”

William recalls Christ's promise in Matthew 16:18-20: "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." William writes in his email to me, “Individuals, couples, families, churches, companies, organizations and agencies can indeed make a huge difference, in very small ways, in the lives of whole communities, starting with a small project or a little donation. The Christ Fellowship Church,Busuafise, is a teeny tiny church with a powerful divine mission! I end with a lesson well learnt in the development of the Busuafise Church: I am convinced, beyond all reasonable doubts, that truly the gates of hell, including paganism and Islam, cannot prevail against what humanity sees as the least or littlest in the Kingdom of God!”

​​Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!