A Message From

Bill Wilson, 

author and publisher

of  "The Daily Jot":

     Founded on January 18, 2002, the "Jot" was first written for a small group of people to equip and encourage them to use current events as a way to take a stand for Jesus. This unique journalistic style really caught on as the "Jot" was broadcast over radio in our nation's capital area. Email subscriptions significantly increased and the three-minute radio broadcast became among the most popular programs on its respective stations.

     Many recognize that we are in a battle over the very soul of our nation. Since the 1960’s, an immoral minority has chipped away at our religious freedoms, our marriage rights, our sexual purity, the education of our children, our court system, and our general decency. They have caused many of us to even question the validity of our own faith. And they have done it in the name of freedom and tolerance.

     I believe the Lord is grieved by this and He wants Christians (the polls say that some 90% of Americans consider themselves Christian) to take back the moral ground by becoming spiritual activists, by speaking about Jesus to others, by changing one heart at a time. 

    At the same time, I have seen villages in West Africa where Islamic terrorists, the Fulani from Nigeria, have migrated into Ghana and slaughtered Christian men, women and children. It is here in this violent atmosphere were we are training up pastors to spread the gospel in these rural areas where the wealthy churches refuse to go. Our church deep in the bush in Busuafise is one such place. When we preach there, we are threatened by the Muslims nearby. The pastor fights the good fight, but the Muslims are always in his shadow, both enticing and intimidating the flock. Right now, we send food and clothing by motorcycle and a vehicle is badly needed to send supplies. 

     We can make a difference, you and me, by arming Christians with the information and encouragement they need to take action and change our nation. We cannot walk this walk alone. We both need help--I can provide you with valuable information that you can share, and you can help me get the message out with your prayers and financial support.

​     Will you partner with me by sowing into this special ministry? Will you pray for me? Will you help me secure speaking engagements at your church and civic groups? Will you send financial support so that you, me and the Lord can make a three-strand chord that will not be broken as we seek to equip and encourage Christians to change the world we live in by taking a stand for Jesus?

     We could meet our goals this year if 200 dedicated Christians would commit $25 per month (less than what it takes to buy a soft drink a day). Perhaps you can bless us with more, or maybe you can do a one-time contribution. But I know that the Lord will bless whatever you can offer to help launch this ministry.

     Please consider joining "The Daily Jot" team by making a donation. You can securely donate online by following the link to the left or you can your check to:

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Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.